Dates In SQL Server

Dates In SQL Server

Some time ago what started as one article on dates and their value, turned into a mini-series (nearly as engaging as The Queens Gambit). I kept finding more to say about dates and examples to give. I’m now pulling them together with a little narrative. “One page to rule them all” as it were.

White Calendar

What’s so significant about dates?

We know they are valuable!

We all know that dates themselves are important, but what sometimes gets overlooked is the date datatype (and other date and time datatypes). When and how to use it, and how it can be leveraged.

Getting started

A good introduction, or at least a refresher on date-related datatypes.

Getting warmed up

Useful reading which the later articles build on (or reuse).

Steaming ahead

Specialised usage examples working with dates.

Iteration (looping over)

Categorisation & Identigication

Partitions using Dates

A common theme in data warehousing is partitioning, either for disk usage or performance improvements. Often, the nature of data and time dates make ideal candidates for partitioning fact tables:

Dates in other databases

Although this page is about SQL Server, I’ve written equivalent notes on other databases:

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