Video: View running processes and their children

Video: View running processes and their children

I’m trying out something new, creating a video of one of my older posts View running processes and their children.

I’ve created a tool/library function using bash for monitoring parallel processes managed by shell scripts in a linux environment. In the video I cover how to download the library to your environment, and demonstrate using it to build trees of processes (and their child processes) which aide in monitoring what is happening on a server at a point in time.

Creating the Video

I’ll include some notes here for anyone who is interested how I put the video together. Whenever I see content online I’m always interested how someone else chose to do it.

The software applications that I used (all free) are:

  • OBS Studio, for the screen recording. (Free and open source software for video recording and live streaming)
  • Audacity for the audio recording. (Free and open source software for audio recording and editing)
  • Davinci Resolve for the video editing. (Both free and paid for versions for professional video editing, I use the free version)

The screen recording represented a few challenges for me, I had to try a few others recommended in this forum thread on the blackmagic design website (makers of Davinci Resolve). I also had a few issues with encoding quality which were explained thanks to¬† YouTube: Fixing Davinci Resolve “Media Offline” error when working with OBS recordings.

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